Road Closures

The Ventura Marathon involves a half marathon and full marathon run that start in the Ojai and Mira Monte area and finish in Downtown Ventura. The event attracts over 2,500 runners both locally and nationally who want to run on a fast course and experience the beautiful Ojai and Ventura areas.

Please read road closure and detour information below.

Road Closure Information

Please review the information on road closures, detours and delays below. 

Ojai Area

Hwy 150 (Ojai Ave) Westbound in Ojai (heading towards Ventura) between Reeves Rd and Park Rd will be closed from ~3am to ~9:30am. 

Reeves Rd Westbound (heading towards Downtown Ojai) from McNell to the 150 from ~3am to ~9:30am

McNell Rd both directions from Reeves Rd to Grand Ave from ~3am to ~9am. The Northbound Lane will open back up at ~7:30am but Southbound will remain closed until ~9am.

McNell Rd Southbound from Grand Ave to Thacher from ~3am to ~7:00am

Thacher Eastbound from McNell Rd to Carne Rd. ~3am to ~7:00am

Carne Rd Northbound from Grand Ave to Thacher Rd. ~3am to ~7:00am

Grand Ave Eastbound from Gorham Rd. to McNell Rd. ~3am to ~9:00am

Gorham Northbound from the 150 (Ojai Ave) to Grand Ave. ~3am to ~9:00am

Ojai Recommended Detours

  • West Bound detour through Ojai (coming from Santa Paula on the 150): Right on Reeves, Left on McAndrew, Left on Grand, Left on N Fulton St to the 150. 
  • East Bound Detour through Ojai: Highway 150 (Ojai Ave) is opened for East bound traffic (heading towards Santa Paula.) Eastbound Grand is closed from ~3am to ~9am so please use Ojai Ave. If you need to enter the neighborhoods off Grand please take the 150 to Reeves Rd, left on McAndrew, left on Grand Ave...

Bike Path in Ojai, Mira Monte, and Oak View

  • Bike Path from Bryant St in Ojai to the 33/150 intersection (Vons) and bike path from Vons to Santa Ana Rd (technically not closed but will be too crowded to ride safely). Highly recommended to take other routes on race day or proceed with extreme caution!!!!
  • Any Road that crosses the bike path may have delays. Law Enforcement or volunteers will allow vehicles to cross when there is a break in runners.
  • 7:15 AM until 11:30 AM

Mira Monte Area

Old Baldwin Rd will be closed from ~3am to ~8am

S Rice Rd Southbound from Baldwin Rd to Forest Ave ~6am to ~7:30am

Woodland Ave Eastbound from S Rice Rd to Lake Ave ~6am to ~7:30am

Lake Ave Westbound from S Rice Rd to Woodland Ave ~6am to ~7:30am

Oak View Ave

Santa Ana Blvd Westbound will be closed from the bike path crossing at Monte Via to Santa Ana Rd

Santa Ana Rd Southbound from Santa Ana Blvd to Casitas Vista Rd

Casitas Vista Rd Southbound from Santa Ana Blvd to the 33 Southbound on ramp

Bike Path in Ventura Area

The bike path is technically not closed but will be very crowded between Rex St and Casitas Vista Rd so please use an alternate route. Runners will be on the path between 7:20am and ~1:00pm with heavier runner traffic from 8:00am to 11:30am.

Ventura Area

Bike Path at Shell Rd - Runners will be crossing Shell Rd at the bike path and delays are expected. CHP will be managing traffic and will allow cars through when it is clear. Runners are expected to cross Shell Rd between 7:40am and 12:15pm with heavier traffic from 8:15am to 11:00am.

Bike Path at Stanley Ave - Runners will be crossing Stanley Ave at the bike path and delays are expected. Ventura Police Department will be managing traffic and will allow cars through when it is clear. Runners are expected to cross Stanley Ave between 7:45am and 12:30pm with heavier traffic from 8:20am to 11:15am.

Downtown Ventura

Expect delays between 8am and 12:45pm on Olive St between Rex and Main St and on Main St from Olive St to Palm St.

Recommended Downtown Ventura Detour 

To avoid delays in the Downtown Ventura area we recommend driving avoiding the race route area by using Ventura Ave -> E Park Row Ave -> Wall St -> Poli St -> Oak St -> Santa Clara St or Thompson Blvd and entering/exiting the freeway along Thompson Blvd or Seaward Ave.


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