Schedule of Events

2018 Ventura Marathon Schedule of Events

Ventura Marathon Schedule

Saturday, October 20, 2018

7:00 am – Packet Pick Up Begins
8:00 am – 5K Start
10:30 am – Kids Run
10:00 am – Packet Pickup Opens
8:00 am – Party in the Park Opens
8:00 am – 6:00 pm – Beer Garden
10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Live Music
6:00 pm – Packet Pickup Closes
6:00 pm – Party in the Park Expo Closes

Sunday, October 21, 2018

5:00 am – Marathon Shuttle Pick Up
5:30 am – VIP & 5K Packet Pick Up Opens
6:15 am – Half Marathon Shuttle Pick Up
6:40 am – Marathon Start
8:00 am – Party in the Park Opens
8:00 am – 3:00 pm – Beer Garden
7:10 am – Half Marathon Start
7:45 am – 5K Award Ceremony
8:00 am – 2:00pm – Live Music
9:45 am – Half Marathon Award Ceremony
10:45 am – Full Marathon Award Ceremony
2:00 pm – Party in the Park Expo Closes


2018 Bands – More Bands Being Added

Ventura Marathon Schedule


12:00 pm  Acoustic Generation

AG is a multi-faceted band that has been performing party grooves for many years. Tight on harmonies and strong on crowd involvement, AG blends original acoustic-based music with unique versions of classic rock favorites to create memorable shows. Offering over 3 hours of music, the band is completely mobile with their own small club PA, and can go from a duo or trio to full band for a complete, rockin’ event.  It’s the Acoustic Generation music band people!

2:00 pm Power Syndicate is one of Ventura County’s premier cover bands playing a wide range of rock & roll and dance floor hits.

Formed with the purpose of filling a void in the entertainment market, Power Syndicate bridges the gap between the “same old cover bands” and the power rock of the new millennium.

3 for Rent

3 For Rent became a band when 3 longtime friends and experienced musicians found out that they wanted to play acoustic music with a different setting and bring these classic songs to audiences with an uncompromised vision of the originals versions.


Ventura Marathon Schedule



“Over the years I have worked as a drummer, a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and an actor. I’ve worked and played with many famous musicians including Stephen Tyler, Guns’n Roses, Cherie Curry and more.  I’ve had the privilege of touring the world several times in both international bands and as a solo artist.

In the early 90’s I was awarded two gold records for work I did as a singer and songwriter in L.A. Guns.  In the late 90’s I started my own recording studio and record label (Black City Music) where I spent time producing younger up and coming bands.  I also spent time at Black City Music writing and producing movie soundtracks.

In 2005 I rejoined L.A. Guns for a 20th-anniversary reunion tour with the original members. The two-year tour was successful and along the way I received favorable reviews in magazines including Rolling Stone, Spin, Guitar World, and Italian Vogue. I also did many radio and TV appearances. I’ve spent the last 5 years performing with my old bands the Mau Maus and Black Cherry as well as new groups Stereo, Naked Hand Dance, Sonic Boom. and Black and Bart. My current band, Sonic Boom with Jo Almeida on guitar has earned international recognition with our release of Sun Down Yellow Moon. Jo and I are currently writing and recording a new record to be released this year.”

From Buck to Johnny, to Waylon and Willie, to Merle and Lefty, the very best country music has shown the rich complexity of life. Steel backbones and breaking hearts. The true grit that helps people survive every difficult day. And those qualities haven’t been forgotten. They’re there in every word and note of Michael Monroe Goodman’s second album, The Flag, the Bible, and Bill Monroe (released November, 2015). It’s the sound of Kentucky calling.

As the songs on The Flag, the Bible, and Bill Monroe show, he’s mastered his craft. The music and the lyrics are honed, and the pedal steel adds its beautiful cries. But the raw emotion, the stuff of life, always lies just beneath the surface. This is real.“I want to paint a picture,” Goodman says. “Country music can be so personal, so timeless. If it talks to people then the song has a lasting magic, it never stops being relevant. This album is about who I am, the things that are important to me. The Flag, the Bible, and Bill Monroe: I’m proud to be an American, I’m a committed Christian, and Bill Monroe has always been an inspiration. Maybe I’m carrying on those things Nashville’s left behind these days. But I think this is real roots country, music that means something.”