On Course Nutrition

Our on course nutrition partner for 2022 is GU Energy. GU is the leader in endurance sports nutrition and we are excited to have GU on course. 

Every participant will receive a GU StroopWafel in their bag at check in :) 

Aid stations will be available approximately every 1.5 - 2 miles. 

GU Energy Gels (Vanilla Bean) and GU Roctane Energy Gels (Strawberry Kiwi and Sea Salt Chocolate) will be available at 3 aid stations for the full marathon and 1 aid station for the half marathon.

GU Electrolyte drink (Strawberry Lemonade) will be available at 6 aid stations for the full marathon and 3 aid stations for the half marathon.

*If you plan to use the GU products we highly recommend them that you use them while training. It is not a good idea to try anything new on race day...the stomach is not something you want to mess with.


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